The Emotional Distress Brought On By Childhood Diabetes: Part 2

Last time we discussed a few of the emotional challenges kids with diabetes might have,and today we’re going to finish up that section.

Anger, even resentment is a common feeling these children sometimes experience. It’s probably easy to feel that way when all of a sudden you have all of these restrictions in your every day life (diet restrictions, monitoring, and treatment).

Another major problem CHD patients may be subject to is fear and anxiety. Lots of kids are afraid of needles and also many of these youngsters fear what kind of long term health problems the future might hold.

Most kids just want to fit in and be one of the group,however diabetics sometimes need a little extra attention due to monitoring and treatment. Children often find this extra attention embarrassing, which can obviously take an emotional toll.

This disease can be hard on a young person not only physically, but emotionally too, so hopefully these last couple of segments I’ve posted can help us empathize with them a little better. Next time, we will discuss the impact that childhood diabetes has on the parents lives.

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