How many classes should I attend each week?

It is recommended that students attend at least two classes each week as well as setting aside times for practicing away from the studio each day.

Will there be other Beginners in my class?

Yes, your class shall be comprised of other Beginners or lower ranks. At Karate World, we group students in classes by their current Rank skill level.

Does Martial Arts training lead to aggression?

Karate World encourages students to be responsible for their actions while placing importance on the core values nurtured through Martial Arts: Integrity, Honesty, Tolerance, Self-Confidence, and Respect. Students are taught that Martial Arts do not promote violence, but how to handle themselves in a problematic situation. The training actually helps students channel their aggression into calm assertiveness and builds character and discipline.

Why do people bow when entering the dojo(studio)?

A brief bow in which one gently bends over at the waist, is a symbol of respectful greetings in Asian cultures and is much like a handshake.

Is sparring necessary to learn Martial Arts?

While some Martial Arts do not require sparring, most do. Since most of the moves involve techniques in which to deal with an opponent, it is necessary to practice under conditions similar to an actual confrontation. Important features to learn are Timing, Reactions, and Speed. Beginner level students will not be involved in actual contact.

What are my chances of being injured?

The chance of injury occurring during Martial Arts training is the same as most other sports. Safety is a priority at Karate World and we offer the proper gear that greatly reduces risk of injury.

Should I take Group Classes or Private Lessons?

If your schedule allows, both types of training are ideal. Private Lessons will increase your progression up to three times faster than Group Classes alone. The personalized training, attention, and energy of an Instructor is a tremendous advantage. Group Classes are great because students can learn from one another by watching how others react and train. Classes also offer an excellent way for meeting new friends with similar interests.