“Zachary has really been doing better with his behavior since joining Karate World. He has made a true commitment to karate. He has told us he wants to make this a life-long sport, and possibly teach one day.”

–Jane T. (Surfside Beach)

“Tristan has been behaving and expressing himself in a very confident and respectful manner. I believe that this is due to the training that he receives at Karate World. Thanks!”

–Melissa S. (Murrells Inlet)

“Scarlett has really come out of her shell. Discipline was never an issue, but getting her in front of a crowd to perform was impossible. Now she is much more confident and coordinated.”

–Stephanie N. (Myrtle Beach)

“Eli has done a good job getting his homework done and staying on task lately. He also takes karate very seriously. He enjoys teaching his little sister things he learned in class.”

–Lesley H. (Surfside Beach)

“Karate is the best thing I have ever involved my son in. He has gained confidence and work ethics. He has made lifetime friends and has positive role models. He is growing in so many levels! The highlight of his week is going to karate class and also practicing at home.”

“Bailee has really enjoyed her Karate experience. She has caught on quickly and works hard week to continue to learn and improve. The skills she is learning at Karate World has helped her be more responsible and learn to manage difficult situations within her peer group.”

–Angela B. (Surfside Beach)

“Karate World has helped Jack focus more on his school work, be respectful to his family and be an all-around better disciplined child.”

–Karolyne F. (Surfside Beach)

“Karate training at Karate World improved Tyler’s overall attitude. He even helps me more at home without being asked. Thank you so much!”

–Susan M. (Surfside Beach)