Beach Sweeps

Our oceans and waterways are very important to the well being of Earth’s ecosystems, our health, and our environment. Tourists come from all over the World to visit our great beaches.

Beach clean-ups help keep our beaches in good condition as well as protecting local wildlife from ingesting trash or getting trapped in debris. Too often we see plastic straws, cigarette butts, plastic bottle caps, firework tubes, plastic bags and wrappers of all kinds on our beaches. Our fragile river systems and tourist crowds at the beaches are responsible for the pollution in the oceans. Even trash littering the streets ends up washing into our river systems, and then straight to the ocean. There is even the terrible area twice the size of Texas that is a huge garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean!

At Karate World, we love our local beaches and want to keep them clean for our children and future generations, Participation in beach clean-ups is essential to protecting this wonderful resource.

Won’t you join us?

Visit the Surfside Beach website

Visit The Surfrider Grand Strand Chapter website