Why Choose Us?

Karate is a beautiful Martial Art with a long and fascinating history. The characteristics of Karate draws millions of practitioners from Asia, Europe, Middle Eastern areas, and the Americas because it is one of the most effective self-defense systems in the World. Karate is a legitimate Martial Art that utilizes multiple martial techniques. Skills learned during Karate training range from basic grappling and striking techniques, to a variety of sweeps, throws, pressure points, joint locks, and pins. Students at Karate World can enjoy a mixed format and still experience a true and authentic tradition.

Karate engages the entire Human body with a vast repertoire of defensive moves, increased balance, and improved concentration. While Karate can certainly be practiced for fun and recreation, a complete mastery of the art can take a lifetime. At Karate World, Karate is taught in a form to increase each student’s personal empowerment, control of fear, and growth of inner peace.

An excellent Karate instructor knows that Karate is a way of life and brings enthusiasm, inspiration, and expertise to his or her students. Skilled Instructor and Owner, Master Jason McCormick, has over 28 years of training in the Martial Arts, and over 17 years experience as a full time Karate Instructor.

Karate World’s curriculum is inclusive and flexible. There are Group Classes and Private Lessons 5 to 6 days a week, several times a day, and classes are based upon the skill levels and ages of the students.

Karate World uses a progressive curriculum so students build a repertoire of techniques over time.  We emphasize the qualities of respect, confidence, loyalty, character, humility, focus, faithfulness, and self-discipline.

Our Children’s Programs are created to be challenging and rewarding. Every child can reach goals of regular promotions in skill levels and belts.

Adult Classes at Karate World are fitness and self defense oriented. We offer a challenging program for all levels of fitness and allow students to learn at their own pace.

Karate World class fees are reasonable and priced affordably. While many Martial Arts schools request that you to sign a long contract when you join, Karate World offers flexible monthly programs. Karate World offers student Gis as included in the price of their first month of enrollment. Protective Gear and other accessories are also available.

Please visit our Karate World Gear Page for more information.

We hope to see you soon!