Black Belt Test Requirements


  • Students should know all curriculum from “no belt” to 1st degree brown belt. In addition, s(he) must complete a minimum of 40 repetitions of the following exercises in 2 minutes for each exercise, push-ups, sit ups, lunges, throw downs & mountain climbers. Students must complete a one mile run in 8 minutes or less.
  • Students will write a paragraph on the following styles: Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Judo, Jui Jitsu & Kung Fu. The information for each style should include country of origin, the meaning of each name translated to English and a brief description of what each style looks like when performed. One paragraph on “What martial Arts has done for me?”.
  • Students who already earned a Pee Wee black belt or higher have already written reports on the styles listed above. For these students they need to pick three other styles of martial arts and include the same required information as stated above. One paragraph on “What martial arts has done for me?”.
  • Students need to turn in the reports on the last class they attend before the black belt test. Students must know the information that is in the reports, Mr. Jason will quiz them orally in the class and the day of black belt testing.
    • All Student tuition must be current in order to test.
    • Black belt test fee is $100. This includes black belt test, black belt with rank & Karate World black belt certificate. Please make checks payable to: Jason McCormick
    • Students earn the privilege to wear black Gi pants when they become a black belt.