Preparation Tips For Your Next Karate Tournament

Each year, Karate World of Surfside Beach presents a “Sun Fun Karate Tournament” in September.

These events include all divisions of Forms, Weapons, and Sparring.  In order to prepare for competition, here are some useful tips:

  • Practice! Daily practice during the weeks leading up to the event will greatly improve your ability, form, skill, and confidence.  Remember, you can only perform as well as you train.
  • Watch and Learn.  If you are unable to compete, or feel that you are not ready, be a spectator and watch a tournament.  Pay special attention to how participants warm up, stay calm, and how they perform.
  • Partner Up.  Find a classmate or friend of a similar rank to practice with.  It can help you both a great deal.
  • Memorize Attentively.  Practice helps make perfect, but also use your mind to mark and understand the “What” of your routine, the “Why” of following through, and the “Where” of your feet and positions.
  • Rest Up.  Be sure to schedule enough time to enjoy a valuable night’s sleep before the day of the tournament.  It is best if you can get the proper rest for at least a full week leading up to it.
  • Avoid too much sugar.  Watch your intake of sugary foods and drinks.  On the day of the tournament, and during the other performances, drink clear drinks such as water.  Avoid sodas and pops as they can irritate your stomach, cause dehydration, and actually slow you down.
  • Breathe.  Practice deep breathing exercises.  The calming effects of deep breathing will be an asset while you wait your turn.
  • Focus.  Patience and deep breathing can help you focus your mind and body each day.
  • Warm Up.  Before each workout you need to warm up.  The same is true on tournament day.  Use your warm up routine prior to being called to your ring.
  • Eat Right.  Especially on the day of the tournament, you will want to eat several small healthy meals and pack a light lunch.  Great snacks can include bananas, apple slices, unsalted nuts, small bits of jerky, and granola bars.  Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Show Respect.  Be sure to show the Judges and all participants proper respect at the tournament.  Do not horse around or be a distraction while others are performing.


Memorizing the paragraph below prior to the tournament can help you remember it easily before any nervousness kicks in.

Bow before entering the Ring. Walk towards the Judges, Stop, and Bow. Assume the Ready Position and Speak:

“Judges, my name is ______.  I represent Master Gene Lewis and Karate World.  My Form is ______.  With your permission, I will step back and begin.”

Assume the Attention Stance. Bow and Say:

“Thank you, Judges.”

Now Begin your Routine.