5 Easy Tips for Managing Your Time

I think some people find time management to be a little difficult to get the hang of…especially the younger students. When I huddle everyone up for a quick mat chat,often times I see some of the kids eyes glazing over like they just don’t get it. That being said,I would like to post five easy tips that adult students can use, and that parents can help the kids to understand.

1.create an environment conducive to effectiveness. For example, school age students can make their own study oasis, getting everything just the way they like it, So that they are comfortable and organized.

2.Setting priorities. This means we must decide what activities are most important and get them done first!

3.Carry out activity around those priorities.

4. Reduce the amount of time spent on non-priority activities – this just means don’t spend too much time goofing off 🙂

5.find motivation to stick with your time management plan in order to reach your goals. Whether it’s the Carrot or the stick, Figure out what your driving force is. Is it the fear of failure of the negative consequences that come along with not completing your tasks? Or is it  your desire for success and the satisfaction of a job well done? My guess is it’s probably a little bit of both!

okay, there’s your tips so get to work on learning and applying them today!