Bully Buster Lesson #1: Project Confidence!

The first thing we teach kids when it comes to bullying is to project confidence. Having good posture,making eye contact, walking with a sense of purpose, and using a firm voice are some of the best weapons a child can have. Bullies want victims that they can pick on,they don’t want to fight, so they tend to prey on the shy or less confident kids. By training in the martial arts and learning to deal with the threat of physical attack, students develop the confidence (and self esteem) to speak up for themselves and others when bullying occurs. We believe in peaceful conflict resolution when possible and the physical training is just a tool we use to get kid’s self esteem to a high level so that they can stand up to a bully using verbal boundary skills  unless physically attacked. Tune in next time when we talk about the 3 T’s of self defense!bullying