Conflict Resolution: Making sure you are part of the solution, not the problem!

One of the best things you can do (I believe) to avoid conflict is to take a good look at your own actions and values to determine if your behavior is beneficial to everyone involved. Being a good “team” member (family member, classmate, co-worker, etc.) can go a long way in your efforts to avoid or resolve conflict. If you aren’t doing your share around the house, on the sports field, or in your school project group, then you’re just asking for conflict with a capital “C”.

Here’s a list of some actions you might take to be a better member of whatever team you may be a part of:

  • Share ideas
  • Listen to others opinions
  • Be cooperative
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Stay focused on tasks
  • Share responsibilities
  • Appreciate differences
  • Support and encourage other team members

I hope you find these tips useful and try to start applying them in your relationships with others in order to live a life with a little more happiness and a little less conflict.