First Aid Training in a Martial Arts Curriculum: Part 1

At Karate World in Surfside Beach, we feel that an important part of a modern self-defense curriculum is the area of first aid.

One of the first things that children need to learn in an emergency/first aid scenario is how to dial 911. We start off by explaining to the kids that they should only call 911 in the event of an emergency, and that they should never call as a joke or for practice. Instead, they should practice on a toy phone or an old deactivated phone.

In the “good old days” 911 operators could trace incoming calls, but in today’s era of cell phones, that’s not always the case. Children need to know their home address and in the event that they are not at their home when an emergency occurs, they should practice being able to describe their surroundings by naming nearby businesses, landmarks, etc.

Please practice with your kids at home, teaching them how to operate your cell phone, and make sure they know your home address. Tune in next time when we discuss how kids can help provide first aid for Burns.