How to plant a tree!

This month in class, we have learned the benefits of trees in our environment and the history of Arbor Day.


We will now be discussing how to plant a tree, since that is our project for the month of April.


Step 1 :  select a type of tree that is indigenous to your area. Certain trees may not do well in your regions climate.


Step 2 : dig a hole that is approximately four or five times wider than the root ball of your tree.


Step 3 :  dig your hole nice and deep, then replace some dirt in the center of the hole to create a pedestal upon which your root ball will sit. This will protect your tree from drowning. Make sure the top of the root ball  is approximately 1/4 – 1/2″ higher than ground level.

Step 4 : water your tree

Step 5 :  tie strings to your tree and stake  it on all four sides to prevent it from leaning. Keep it staked for the first year.

now that you have some idea of how to plant  a tree, start selecting the type of tree you’d like and the location that you would like to plant!