Introducing Our New Logo

Karate World Surfside Beach - logo 2015

Karate World in Surfside Beach, South Carolina is proud to announce a new logo design.

We emphasize the qualities of respect, confidence, loyalty, character, humility, focus, faithfulness, and self-discipline.

Working with GINGALLEY Web Design & Promotions, we developed the new logo to symbolize inner peace, focus, and the constant aim towards personal growth.

The Ensō Circle, also referred to as a Zen Circle, expresses a moment when an individual’s mind is free to let the body create. The circle is not fully closed so as to symbolize the encouragement of movement and development – as well as the goal of perfection in all things. The circle also resembles an ocean wave, and as we are located in Surfside Beach – with a big love of our coast – it hints to the majestic flow of water.

Inside of the Ensō Circle are the Japanese characters that represent Budo. “Bu” means “Martial” and ”Dō” means “Way”

At Karate World, Karate is taught in such a way as to increase each student’s personal empowerment, control of fear, and growth. The Martial Arts techniques taught at Karate World provide students with the necessary tools to become leaders.

Our Youth Programs are created to be challenging and rewarding. Every child can strive towards regular promotions in skill levels and belts. Adult Classes at Karate World are fitness and self defense oriented. We offer a challenging program for all levels of fitness and allow students to learn at their own pace.

We also firmly believe in the empowerment and conscientiousness of community involvement. Karate World encourages charity, service, and volunteerism. Working together brings forth good deeds and strong hearts. We are often actively involved in several community service endeavors throughout the year.