Karate World’s Time Management Tips For Studying

For most children, there are very few areas that time management is more important than schoolwork. I have listed below a few tips that I hope parents and students at Karate World in Surfside will find helpful when studying for tests, or just completing homework.

  1. set aside designated blocks of study time and breaks. Making a routine will help develop the habit of studying consistently.
  2. make a dedicated study space free of distractions , This means no talking and texting on your phone!
  3. postpone unnecessary activities until work is done – this one is pretty much a no-brainer 🙂
  4. identify resources such as a friend, tutor, an expert, the library, or the Internet. Outside sources can help save time and energy.

Start applying these tips today and in no time I bet you’ll see improvement in your grades and you’ll probably also notice you have a little more free time!

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