Respect Your Elders: Part 1

This month at Karate World we will be focusing on the topic of respecting our elders. Students will learn not only why this is important but also how to conduct a courteous interview with a senior. Karate World students will be given a 25 part questionnaire and asked to interview the senior of their choice.

The first thing we learned is to address the person we are interviewing formally (Mr. or Ms. Jones) unless asked to do otherwise. Children should give a firm handshake, make eye contact,and smile when speaking. We want to show that we have manners and that we’re not afraid to use them 🙂 We encourage the kids to not only be courteous, but also helpful during their visit by opening doors, retrieving hard to get items that may be too high or too low for the older person to get easily, or anything else they could do to be helpful and polite.

At the end of this month, we will read our three favorite questions and answers from the interviews that we conducted and discuss what we have learned, and how we have benefited from this experience. We will also visit a senior living facility and perform a short karate demo, followed by some time to interact with the residents!