School Policies Regarding Fighting, Bullying , and Self Defense

Bullying has become such a widespread problem that most schools have implemented zero tolerance policies. I think this has done a lot to help reduce the amount of physical bullying that goes on, however it doesn’t help much in the area of verbal abuse.


Sometimes the emotional pain of verbal bullying can be worse than the physical pain of a fat lip or black eye, and in the end, after all other options have been exhausted, only the victim can put a stop to this harassment. We teach our students the 3 T’s of self defense to deal with verbal bullying and today we will discuss the first “T”!


The first step in the 3 T’s is TALK. Children are encouraged to talk to the bully in a confident (but non aggressive) tone of voice, having good posture and making eye contact. If kids are being verbally harassed they are instructed to tell the bully how it makes them feel and to ask him/her  to stop. Sometimes this works and not only is the victim left alone, but they also feel good about themselves for standing up to the bully. If talking to the bully doesn’t work, we move on to the second “T” which will be the topic of our next blog!