Step 3: Anger Management/Conflict Resolution at Karate World of Surfside Beach

After removing yourself from a hostile situation and cooling down (step 1), and listening to the other persons viewpoint (step 2), you’re ready to begin step 3!

After you have listened to the other persons point of view and rephrased it with empathy, it’s been time for you to express yourself. When explaining your viewpoint you should do so assertively, not aggressively, and with a demeanor that suggest that you wish to resolve the conflict not just win the argument.

After communicating with each other, you should strive to find common ground, a compromise. The best compromise is called Win/Win. In this case, both parties may have to give in a little, but ultimately everyone is happy with the outcome. While this is not possible 100% of the time, it is doable more often than not!

To learn more about the win/win concept, I suggest you read some of Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s work here.