T number 3! The final step in dealing with verbal bullying…

Today we cover the final “T”in the three steps of dealing with verbal bullying. After you talk to the bully,and after you have told your parents and teachers and they have talked to the bully,often times the verbal harassment will end. In the rare cases that these steps are not effective, and the bully continues to harass the victim secretly, then the victim must handle it themselves. The third T stands for tackle. A Victim of continued verbal harassment should look  the aggressor in his or her eyes and say “I have asked you to leave me alone, My parents and teachers have asked  you to leave me alone, but you still pick on me. Are you challenging me to a fight?” At this Point usually the bully will back down and that will be the end of it, in the rare case the bully does want to fight, the victim should never initiate, but wait for the bully to make the first move, and then take them down and restrain or subdue them until the bully gives up or a teacher comes. When defending themselves, the victim should never punch or kick the bully, but pin and hold them in a way that the bully is helpless and unable to fight.

There you have it, the three T’s of self-defense for verbal bullying. One: talk to the bully and asked him to stop, two: tell your parents and teachers, three: tackle.

next time we’ll talk about the five rules of engagement when it comes to dealing with bullies!