The Emotional Distress Brought On By Childhood Diabetes

When you hear this disease, diabetes mentioned, your first thoughts might be of someone pricking their finger to monitor their sugar level, or of a person getting an insulin injection, but imagine how this situation would impact a child emotionally! There are all kinds of negative feelings kids might have and today we’ll be focusing on isolation, denial, depression, and guilt.

Children might feel isolated if they don’t know others at school or in their community have this disorder. It is often a good idea to find support groups that will let them know that they’re not alone.

Denial is common because most kids want to be one of the group — to feel like they fit in, and diabetes can make them feel like they are different. Denial can be dangerous if it causes the child to disregard monitoring and treatment.

This next one is a no brainer: depression. Of course these kids can experience feelings of being depressed when going through an ordeal like this. They may feel tired, sad , or hopeless and parents should keep a close eye out for any of these symptoms.

Our last emotion we will cover today is guilt. Children with diabetes often feel guilty about their condition because they think that they are causing hardship on their family, friends, and teachers.

So I think that’s about enough for one day, but tomorrow we will discuss a few more emotional challenges that children with diabetes might face. Please feel free to contribute with your comments or suggested links 🙂