Time Management: Self Defense Against a Wasted Day, Week, Month, or Year!

When we think of a self defense technique, we often envision someone escaping a bear hug or a headlock. In today’s world, we need to know a whole lot more about self-defense than simply defending against a physical attack. This month at Karate World in Surfside Beach, we will be discussing the self-defense technique of time management!

Listed below are a few great tips that I found online. You can see these and more at Time Management Ninja.

1.plan your day each morning

2.highlight the top five to do list items that you feel are most important and do them first

3.Get up 30 minutes early. This could allow for more family time, school/work preparation, exercise time, or whatever you feel is necessary to accomplish your desired results for the day

I hope that you have found these tips both interesting and useful and that you will start applying them today! I also encourage my students to do their own research and find the methods that work best for them, as there are many different systemsfor managing your time.