April 2013 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Kasimer Cantrell

AMP Closings: Spring Break! There will be no AMP Monday April 1 – Friday, April 5.

Parents Night: Wednesday, April 10, Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12.  We will do an easy to follow workshop in class to teach parents how to practice at home with their kids.

Tournaments:  Beach Battle is April 27th at Myrtle Beach Middle School. All participants will get a real sword!

Buddy Week: April 15–19

Ninja Camp: June 17–21, students get a rubber throwing star and learn to throw it.  They will even get to throw a real star!  We will also cover tumbling and a weapon (Kamas) this week.

Demo Camp: July 15–19, students will learn material for an awesome demonstration including staff fighting & a boxing routine to “Eye of the Tiger” and advanced kids will learn a musical form!

Jiu Jitsu Camp: August 12–16, we will be working hard on throws, pins, escapes and submissions on the ground as well as sparring, forms and games!

Summer Boot Camps: 1 camp is $100; 2 camps are $175; 3 camps are $250

• Camp Times: 9am–1pm

• Bring lunch and a snack.

• Wear what you normally wear to class.

• All under belts will earn an extra rank stripe for each camp.

• All advanced & Black Belt students will earn 5 leadership points for each camp.

Message of the Month: “How can I show courage?”

Project: Students should either participate in the Beach Battle Karate Tournament or write down 3 acts of courage they have shown this month & have their parents check & sign their list.