August 2014 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Christian Hopkins

Summer Boot Camps:

Weapons Camp: August 4th–8th, This week we will study a variety of weapons including Kamas, Bo Staff and we will even throw Ninja Stars!

Summer Camps are from 9am–1pm Monday-Friday.

Price is $110

      • Bring lunch and a snack
      • Wear what you normally wear to class
      • Bring any weapons you own
      • All camps = 1 rank stripe & 5 leadership points.
      • All advanced & Black Belt students will earn 5 leadership points for each camp

Tuition Increase: We will have a $2.00 Tuition increase starting September 1st, 2014. This is the first price increase in 9 years and will be used to offset the expense of an Office Manager (Ms. Eileen) therefor providing better customer service.

Lil Dragon Tuition: $59
Kids & Adults: $79 (If you add Black Belt Club, Jiu Jitsu or both, the tuition will stay the same)

Registration: We will have registration during your class time in the lobby the week of August 11th. Students should see Ms. Eileen before they enter class so that she can take your picture for your student card.

New Program: We will be starting a free class on Saturdays for underprivileged and “at risk” youth. Candidates for this program will be referred by local elementary school guidance counselors and churches. We are asking you to donate any white uniforms you’ve outgrown or don’t wear anymore to be used to get these future martial artists “suited up”!

Buddy Week: August 11th to 15th

Tournaments: Port City Battle, Wilmington, NC — August 16.

We will be attending this really fun tournament in August. Contact Mr. Jason for a flyer or click here for more informationHope to see you there!

Message of the Month: Why are our teachers important and how can we say “Thank You?”

Character Development Project: Bring in at least one of the following items to donate to the teachers at your school: hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes or facial tissues.

Attention Parents: We ask that you please not use our dumpster for personal trash, it gets full and then we can’t use it. Thank You!