February 2014 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Gill “Macho Man” Breeden

Self Defense Class: February 8th – 12pm-1:30pm. Free to women and teens!

Buddy Week: February 17th-21st

Ninja Night: Saturday, February 22 – 5pm–8pm. $20.00 (includes rubber throwing star)

Attention AMP Parents: Monday, February 17th is scheduled as a “Student Holiday” on the Horry County School Calendar and as we follow that calendar we would also be closed. However, please check with your school or the Horry County Schools Facebook page as that day might be used as a make-up day due to the closings during the winter ice storm. If there is school, the after school program will operate as normal.

Attention Parents/Adult Students:

Equipment requirements are as follows:

  • Head gear with face protector, punches and kicks (boys need a groin protector upon entering the Intermediate class)
  • Rib guard and shin pads are required before graduating to the advanced class.
  • MMA gloves are required after entering the advanced class.
  • If your head gear has no face shield, you will also need a mouth piece.

February Special:
10% off all safety/sparring equipment. (Gloves, kicks, rib guards, shin guards, MMA gloves, head gear)

Up Coming Tournaments:

February 15th – Goodwill Games (Beaufort, SC) – more info / sign up here

March 8th – Sharkfest (Carolina Forest, SC)

March 15th – Superkicks of Conway (Conway, SC)

Message of the Month: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Project: We are collecting any individual food item that can be packed in a back pack for Back Pack Buddies, which is part of Help 4 Kids. The organization helps provide basic necessities to the children of the working poor in Horry County. The donations we collect will be used to fill back packs to be sent home on Friday to children in need of food for the weekend. Some suggestions of single-serve items:

Ramen Noodles, Applesauce, Pudding, Fruit Cups, Cereal, Juice, Pop Tarts, Peanut Butter. Pop top cans of: Ravioli, Spaghetti, Soup, Vienna Sausage, and Beanie Weenie.