January 2013 Newsletter

Reminder: Bring your Gi top to all classes this month!

Student of the Month: CJ Collins

Black Belt Pre-Test: January 12 from 9am-12pm. Bring full uniform, sparring gear & weapons.

Black Belt Test: January 19 from 10am–12pm. Bring full uniform, sparring gear & weapons.

Cross Training Workout Class: January 14 – March 29, Monday–Friday 8am-9am. Includes heavy bag workout, sledge hammer & kettle ball training, yoga and lots more! Only $99

Buddy Week: January 21–25

AMP Closing: January 18 & January 21

Andre Derizans Jiu Jitsu Seminar:  February 2.  This seminar will earn students 1 extra rank stripe and Advanced / Black Belts will earn 5 leadership points.

Message of the Month: “How can I be honest & trustworthy?”

Project: Make your parents a promise to do something helpful this month and keep your word by getting it done!


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