January 2015 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Charlotte Carter

Equipment Specials: Kamas 15% off

Boot Camp: We will resume our morning workout class starting January 19th and ending February 27th. Classes will be Monday–Friday 8am–9am. Tuition is $99 and we will need a minimum of 5 students to hold the class. Workouts will alternate daily between Kickboxing and Resistance Band/Isometric Training. Students will need their own resistance band. I recommend the “Perfect. Bands Kit” from Walmart or Amazon (approximately $25) or any standard size (approximately 61”) band. Choose a band appropriate for your strength: light, medium, or heavy.

Black Belt Pre Test: January 24th from 12pm – 2pm. We will cover phase kicks, kick sheet, physical fitness (1 mile run to be done under parents supervision at home), self defense and grappling series.

Black Belt Test: January 31st from 12pm -2pm. Bring all sparring gear and wear your full uniform. Test will cover Bas Rutten Kickboxing, PFT, Sparring, Knowledge Test, and Public Speaking.

Gracie Bully Proof Intensive: This course will instill confidence by teaching children to protect themselves from overly aggressive kids by teaching highly effective, non-violent self defense techniques. This will be a 2 day seminar held on Saturday, February 7th from 12pm-2pm and Saturday, February 14th from 12pm–2pm. 4 class credits and 4 leadership points will be awarded. Tuition is $50 (students paying for Black Belt Test in January receive a 50% discount).

Message of the Month: Reading is self defense. This month we will be discussing the significant impact reading (or lack of) can have on our lives.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”
– Harry S. Truman

Project: Read an age appropriate book and give a short oral report to the class. Note: We will have a librarian guest speaker in January, date & time to be announced.