July 2013 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Brian Rosales

New Class This Month: Jiu Jitsu classes start this month! Class starts on Monday, July 1st from 4–5pm. Only $22 to add this class.
Sign up now to save your spot! There will be occasional Saturday Jiu Jitsu classes at no additional charge. First month of Jiu Jitsu, buy a Gi ($70-$80) and pay no tuition!

Closings: Thursday, July 4th – Happy Independence Day!

Black Belt Pre-test: Saturday, July 13th. Meet at Karate World at 5:30pm. We will finish with a beach run at Surfmaster in Garden City. *you may run in shorts.

Black Belt Test: Saturday, July 20th at 11:30 am. Test will take approximately 2 hours.

Demo Camp: July 15–19, Camp is full! Thank you!

Jiu Jitsu Camp: August 12–16, we will be working hard on throws, pins, escapes and submissions on the ground as well as sparring, forms and games! Still some space left. Camp is $100.

• Camp Times: 9am–1pm

• Bring lunch and a snack.

• Wear what you normally wear to class.

• All under belts will earn an extra rank stripe for each camp.

• All advanced & Black Belt students will earn 5 leadership points for each camp.

Sun Fun Tournament 2013:  Saturday, October 5th, 2013. Awards: All competitors awarded an Event Participation “Ninja Star” Belt Buckle*. Ribbons awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Place Winners. *Parents may choose a Trophy for their child instead of the belt buckle.

Click here for The Sun Fun Tournament info page and to Register.

Message of the Month: “How can I make good habits?”

Project: Students should choose a bad habit they would like to break or a good habit they would like to make and bring a signed note from their parents stating that the student worked consistently toward their goal all month.