June 2012 Newsletter

Student of the Month: J.T. “Super Bad” Floyd IV

Message of the Month: “It takes a village to raise a child!”
Project: Students are encouraged to bring in any of the items listed below to help foster parents provide for newly placed foster children who have been abused or neglected. Visit http://www.fosteringhopeinc.com for more info!

• Hygiene products (tooth brushes, etc.)
• Gently used, clean clothes (teen boys clothes are badly needed)
• School supplies
• Books
• Toys

Seminar: Saturday, June 30th.  Time and cost to be announced.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Seminar with Professor Andre Derizans

Professor Derizans will also be available for private and semi-private lessons.  All participating students will earn an extra Rank Stripe, Red – Black Belt students also get 2 Leadership points.

Check him out online at http://www.graciehonolulu.com

Buddy Week: June 18-22

Picture Make-up Day: Saturday, June 2 at 4pm
Pictures will be taken on the beach at “The Point” in Murrells Inlet. Turn off 17 onto Atlantic Avenue, turn right at Garden City Pier onto Waccamaw Drive. Go approximately 3 miles and park in the Beach Access Parking at Dolphin Avenue on the right side of the road, there will be a Karate World sign there. View Map Here.

P90X Class: June 4–August 30 from 8am–9am
Class is 5 days a week, all summer, cost is $99.

Boot Camp Information: $100 for 1 camp, $175 for 2 camps & $250 for 3 camps
Each camp will earn students an extra rank stripe & Advanced / Black belts will get 5 leadership points!

Sword Camp: June 18–23 from 9am–1pm
(A $10 deposit is required for your Bokken Wooden Training Sword)

Martial Ballet / Musical Form camp: July 16–20 from 9am–1pm

MMA Camp (kick boxing & Jiu Jitsu): August 13–17 from 9am–1pm