June 2014 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Kevin Haynes

Closings: Friday, July 4th — Happy 4th of July!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of June 16th, please park in the rear lot! The back room will be our Lobby/Pro Shop.

Father’s Day Special: Buy one month, get 2 free for Dads!

Summer Boot Camps:

Bo Staff Sparring Routine: June 16th–20th – Students will learn a new choreographed Bo fighting routine!

Demo Camp: July 14th–18th – This camp will expose students to a wide variety of Martial Arts. Demo material will include everything from weapons training to musical forms and self-defense.

Weapons Camp: August 4th–8th, This week we will study a variety of weapons including Kamas, Bo Staff and we will even throw Ninja Stars!

Summer Camps are from 9am-1pm Monday-Friday.

Prices are $110 for one camp, $200 for two camps and $275 for three camps.

    • Bring lunch and a snack
    • Wear what you normally wear to class
    • Bring any weapons you own
    • All camps = 1 rank stripe & 5 leadership points.
    • All advanced & Black Belt students will earn 5 leadership points for each camp

*Summer Boot Camp info that was posted on Facebook mentioned that the July 7th-11th is also a Demo Camp and those students may also be in the Demo at the Pelicans Game.

Pelican Game Outing: Demo Camp kids (July 7th -14th & July 14th -18th) will perform a pre-game demo at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game on July 19th.  All students and family members are invited to come out and watch the demo at the game.  It’ll be a good time!   Tickets are $9, ticket money is due by Thursday, July 3rd.

Private Lessons with Marty Knight: Marty will return for private lesson to follow up his seminar. Lessons are $30 for ½ hour.

Bo Staffs are 10% off, Black Belt Class and Advanced Club begin Bo in July

Black Belt Pre-Test: July 12th from 10am–12 pm

Black Belt Test: July 26th from 10am–12pm

Message of the Month: “How can I improve myself?”

Project: Read and give an oral report on the book of your choice.