March 2013 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Chyanne Rayne

Tournament: March 16 – “Best of the Carolinas” Tournament in Conway.

Buddy Week: March 18–22

Ninja Night: Saturday March 23rd from 5–9 pm.
There will be 1 hour of Jiu Jitsu Review followed by 3 hours of fun & games! Cost is only $20. Wear comfortable workout/play clothes.

AMP Closings: Friday March 29th.

Upcoming Summer Camps (themes to be announced):
June 17th–21st
July 15th–19th
August 12th–16th

Message of the Month: “How can I make friends?”

Project: Introduce yourself to at least 3 new friends this month. Write their name and where you met them on a piece of paper to be signed by your parents.