October 2012 Newsletter

Student of the Month: Emily LaManna

Demo: October 6th. Advanced classes & Lil Dragons will perform at the Surfside Beach Fall Festival. All students are encouraged to wear their Karate World t-shirts and come out to cheer them on! Demo time is 11:30AM.

AMP Closing: October 8th, school is closed and there will be no AMP, there will still be night time classes!

Buddy Week: October 15–19.  Bring a friend to class with you!

Tournament: “Fun Tournament” in Whiteville, NC on October 27th. (See Mr. Jason for a flyer)

Night Time Class Closing: No night time classes on Halloween (October 31st). Students who miss are encouraged to take advantage of make-up classes.

Referrals: We will be giving out Halloween Passes for students to give to Trick-or-Treaters. Write your last name on the back of the passes and get a $77 gift certificate for each new student you refer!

Attention Parents: Due to the number of students we have and small space we are in, we ask that you please try to pick up your child with as little disruption and as quickly as possible.   Also, please understand discipline is a job for staff and if you are having an issue with another child, we ask that you please report it to us. Just as you would not want another parent to address your child, we would ask that you provide the same courtesy.

Message of the Month: “How can I be safe when out and about?”

Project: Students list 5 things they’ve done this month to be safer when out Trick-or-Treating or anywhere outside their home.