KW Summer Boot Camps

In the Summer, there are three separate 5-day “Boot Camps” focused primarily on Martial Arts training. Most of the curriculum taught will be new to everyone – beginners and advanced students alike. Sessions take place one week each month in June, July, and August.

Camp Time is from 9:00am to 1:00pm and each camp earns the student 5 Leadership Points and an extra Rank Stripe. The schedule is updated each year.

Karate World Summer Boot Camps Sample Schedule

June – Ninja Camp: Students get a rubber throwing star and learn to throw it. They will even get to throw a real star! We will also cover tumbling and a weapon (Kamas) this week.

July – Demo Camp: Students will learn material for an awesome demonstration including staff fighting & a boxing routine to “Eye of the Tiger” and advanced kids will learn a musical form!

August – Youth Jiu Jitsu Camp: We will be working hard on throws, pins, escapes and submissions on the ground as well as sparring, forms and games!

Summer Boot Camps:

• Camp Times: 9am–1pm

• Bring lunch and a snack.

• Wear what you normally wear to class.

• All under belts will earn an extra rank stripe for each camp.

• All advanced & Black Belt students will earn 5 leadership points for each camp.

• Enrollment includes a Free Uniform!

3 Separate Camps – Purchase all 3 and receive a discounted rate.