S.T.A.R. Student Program

Each Month, a Student is recognized for their exemplary participation. Being rewarded for hard work and perseverance feels good. Students are given special projects to complete for each Belt Promotion. Students that display the greatest improvement, attendance, and mastery can also earn special rewards.

The definition of S.T.A.R. is “Stop. Think. Act. Review.” It also means “Success Through Accepting Responsibility.” The S.T.A.R. program is an engaging and dynamic language based program that encourages students to be responsible for their actions while placing importance on the core values nurtured through Martial Arts: Integrity, Honesty, Tolerance, Self-Confidence, and Respect.

Reinforcement of the core values are practiced through the implementation of a Monthly Theme and a Monthly Activity. Achievement Awards are earned by students who have successfully completed the Monthly Project and who has demonstrated diligence at school, good behavior at home, and leadership in the studio (dojo).

Monthly Theme – Each month a theme is determined that emphasizes the importance of responsibility and values. An example of a Theme is “How can I make good choices?”

Monthly Activity – Each month’s assigned activity is designed to reinforce the Monthly Theme. The Projects are not intended to add to a student’s workload or interfere with home or school work. The activity will be a simple task such as keeping a journal or log book listing the student’s acts of kindness and courtesy during the month.

S.T.A.R. Awards – Achievement Awards are provided to each student who completes the Monthly Activity, attends their required classes, does well at school, and behaves at home. At least one Monthly Theme needs to be successfully completed prior to a student’s promotion from one rank to the next.